What We Stand For

The Commissioners of the Revenue Association of Virginia was formed in 1919 out of the desire of Commissioners to associate themselves to promote a common understanding of the problems faced in the assessment of taxes and the administration of revenue laws. The Association encourages cooperation with various departments in state government that have a direct relationship to the Commissioner’s office. Various committees within the Association work to promote the education of members and to study tax issues and make constructive recommendation for changes in tax law that will benefit taxpayers and localities.

Every Commissioner of the Revenue is eligible for membership, as is any Director of Finance or anyone else who performs the duties of a Commissioner of the Revenue. Associate memberships are offered to past Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners. Associate members may attend meetings but may not vote.

The Association holds an annual meeting for the purpose of education, discussion of relevant issues, and election of officers. Other meetings may be called as determined by the president. District meetings are held regionally throughout the year for the purpose of disseminating information on current issues and discussing topics applicable to Commissioners’ offices.

Perhaps one of the most useful advantages of the Commissioner of the Revenue Association is the Career Development Program and the availability for Commissioners and deputies to achieve Master status through a combination of education, standards and service. The courses available provide a range of information and reference on almost every area of working a Commissioner’s office. The standards give professionalism to each participating office and the service benefits the participant as well as the recipient. Attached to the Master status are certain salary incentives through the State Compensation Board also.

An auditing program through the Compensation Board and the Commissioner of the Revenue CDP Audit Committee is required.