Newly designated Master Deputy Doreen Dilly, Loudoun County with the incomparable Beth Bennett, Weldon Cooper

Hanover Commissioner and Past President Scott Harris

Danville Commissioner Jimmy Gillie with his wife, Cindy

Douglas Mosby from VRS tells everyone to get on track to retirement!

Powhatan Commissioner Jamie Timberlake

Commissioners and staff attend the 2022 Annual Meeting in Blacksburg

2022 Sam Barfield award recipient Franklin "Frankie" Edmondson - presented by President Kellam

VPs, Secretary and Treasurer being sworn into office for 2023

Montgomery County Administrator Craig Meadows welcomes the Association to Blacksburg.

Chief Deputy Attorney General Chuck Slemp discussing AG opinions

Emporia Commissioner Joyce Prince honors the Commissioners who are retiring in 2022

2022 Margaret Anderson Outstanding Deputy Commissioner award recipient Deanna Roush, Fauquier County

Thank you to our vendor partners!

Lee Commissioner Chris Jones and Botetourt Commissioner Chris Booth discuss SWVA at the President's Reception

Fauquier Commissioner Eric Maybach managing the mic when attendees have questions

Attentive Attendees!

2022 President Phil Kellam and Past President Ross Mugler

Essex Commissioner and Past President Tommy Blackwell

Phil Kellam, Virginia Beach, presides over the conference as the 2022 President of CRAV

MCCi's Jack Frazee and Jeremy Gibson

Robyn de Socio, Executive Secretary to the Comp Board presents the annual budget update

Thank you to our vendors who help make the conference a success every year!

Dinwiddie Commissioner Lori Stevens recruits assistance with a drawing

2022 Master Commissioner designee Seth Thatcher, Frederick

Halifax Commissioner Brenda Powell and friends!

Page Commissioner Becky Smith and Deputy Jenny Knight display their office team spirit at the opening reception!
  • Welcome to the Commissioners of the Revenue Association of Virginia!

    The Commissioners of the Revenue Association of Virginia is dedicated to the improvement of local tax assessments in Virginia. Our members proudly serve their constituents in a tireless effort to fairly and accurately assess property and taxes.

  • About the Association

    The Commissioners of the Revenue Association of Virginia was formed in 1919 out of the desire of Commissioners to associate themselves to promote a common understanding of the problems faced in the assessment of taxes and the administration of revenue laws.
  • Mission Statement

    To demonstrate expertise and promote professionalism through the education of our membership, thereby ensuring the highest quality of services to our constituencies and stakeholders and the development of strategic relationships to further our organizational goals.

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