Maggie Ragon- Staunton

Eliza Williams, Freda Sweeney- Russell County

Susan Godfrey, David Henry, Wanda Miller- Washington County

Bonnie Davenport- Middlesex County

Terry Frye- Bristol

Judy Miller- Norton, Cathy Flinchum- Radford

Doug Mullins- Wise County

Lori Stevens- Dinwiddie County

Trina Rupe- Pulaski, Faye Baker- Wythe, Helen Royal- Montgomery

Page Johnson- Fairfax City

Sally Pearson, Ross Mugler

Gerald Gwaltney- Isle of Wight County

Page Johnson, Jimmy Gillie

Sherry Sours- Warren County, Ellen Murphy- Frederick County

Ross Mugler, Jimmy Gillie, Mitch Nuckles

Ross Mugler, Lois Jacob, Frankie Edmondson, Lori Stevens, Maggie Ragon

Allison Perry, Scott Harris- Hanover

Jimmy Gillie- Danville

Phil Kellam- Virginia Beach

Ross D'Urso- Fauquier County

Ruth Easley- Martinsville, Lori Stevens, Scott Harris- Hanover
  • Welcome to the Commissioners of the Revenue Association of Virginia!

    The Commissioners of the Revenue Association of Virginia is dedicated to the improvement of local tax assessments in Virginia. Our members proudly serve their constituents in a tireless effort to fairly and accurately assess property and taxes.

  • About the Association

    The Commissioners of the Revenue Association of Virginia was formed in 1917 out of the desire of Commissioners to associate themselves to promote a common understanding of the problems faced in the assessment of taxes and the administration of revenue laws.
  • Mission Statement

    To demonstrate expertise and promote professionalism through the education of our membership, thereby ensuring the highest quality of services to our constituencies and stakeholders and the development of strategic relationships to further our organizational goals.