Senator Rosalyn Dance

Barfield Award honoree Brenda Rickman

Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam

Anderson Award Honoree Ray Warren

Dinwiddie County Administrator Kevin Massengill

Update from NADA representative Doug Ott

Doug Mullins - Wise County

Dave Davis and Eric Morrow - RDA Systems

Bill Fussell - Compensation Board

Meeting with our valued partners

John Lash, Newport News is honored by Frankie Edmondson

Ann Burkholder - City of Winchester

Jeff Richardson - Smyth County is honored by Past President Frankie Edmondson

Southwest District Officers - David Anderson, Trina Rupe, Judy Miller and Chris Jones

President Lori Stevens - Dinwiddie County

Delegates O'Quinn, Kilgore and Moorefield and Senator Carrico with Commissioners Chris Jones and Maggie Ragon

Governor Terry McAuliffe wearing his CRAV jacket!

President Lori Stevens is sworn in for 2016-2017

Department of Veterans Affairs

Governor Terry McAuliffe

Mitch Nuckles - Lynchburg

Robyn DeSocio - Compensation Board

Past President Frankie Edmondson - 2015-2016
  • Welcome to the Commissioners of the Revenue Association of Virginia!

    The Commissioners of the Revenue Association of Virginia is dedicated to the improvement of local tax assessments in Virginia. Our members proudly serve their constituents in a tireless effort to fairly and accurately assess property and taxes.

  • About the Association

    The Commissioners of the Revenue Association of Virginia was formed in 1917 out of the desire of Commissioners to associate themselves to promote a common understanding of the problems faced in the assessment of taxes and the administration of revenue laws.
  • Mission Statement

    To demonstrate expertise and promote professionalism through the education of our membership, thereby ensuring the highest quality of services to our constituencies and stakeholders and the development of strategic relationships to further our organizational goals.

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