CarryOvr: 2023 Session Carryover Bills
 Composite view

Bills CommitteeLast actionDate
HB 698 - Keam - License taxes; exemptions. (notes!) (H) Committee on Finance(H) Continued to 2023 in Finance02/07/22
HB 1168 - Watts - Real property; tax exemption for certain disabled veterans and surviving spouses. (notes!) (H) Committee on Finance

(S) Committee on Finance and Appropriations
(S) Referred to Committee on Finance and Appropriations02/02/22
HB 1190 - Marshall - Motor vehicle sales and use tax; definition of sale price. (notes!) (H) Committee on Finance(H) Continued to 2023 in Finance02/07/22
HB 1295 - Gooditis - Personal property tax; locality may exempt farm machinery and farm implements. (notes!) (H) Committee on Finance(H) Continued to 2023 in Finance02/02/22
SB 360 - Stuart - Disabled veterans and surviving spouses; state subsidy of property tax exemptions. (notes!) (S) Committee on Finance and Appropriations(S) Continued to 2023 in Finance and Appropriations (16-Y 0-N)02/10/22
SB 391 - Ebbin - Cannabis control; retail market. (notes!) (H) Committee on General Laws

(S) Committee on Finance and Appropriations
(H) Continued to 2023 in General Laws (12-Y 10-N)03/01/22
SB 462 - Bell - Video gaming terminals (VGTs); regulation, penalties. (notes!) (S) Committee on General Laws and Technology(S) Continued to 2023 in General Laws and Technology (15-Y 0-N)02/02/22
SB 495 - McClellan - Elections; removal of officers, recall elections, application for recall petition. (notes!) (H) Committee on Privileges and Elections

(S) Committee on Finance and Appropriations
(H) Subcommittee recommends continuing to 202303/02/22
SJ 19 - Reeves - Constitutional amendment; real prop. tax exemption for certain spouses of members of armed forces. (notes!) (S) Committee on Privileges and Elections(S) Continued to 2023 in Privileges and Elections (15-Y 0-N)01/25/22