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Barbara Ketchum

The City of Newport News requires Business License Applicants to present a valid state-issued driver’s license with photograph. A copy of the license is retained with the application. If the applicant does not hold a valid state-issued driver’s license, any other United States government issued picture i.d is acceptable. Examples: state issued identification card with photograph, United States Passport, unexpired Foreign Passport (with appropriate I-551 or I-94 form/stamp), United States Military Card, Alien registration card with photograph, Virginia Criminal Justice Agency Offender Information Form with photograph (this form is issued to criminal offenders that have been granted probation or parole and do not have any other form of identification.) When a U.S. government or state government issued picture identification card is not available, the applicant may present the U.S. Social Security Card as identification.

Opinion of the Attorney General, 06-049, provides that the Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue must verify the identity and legal presence in the United States of all business license applicants as part of the business license application process. The O.A.G. 06-049 is distributed to taxpayers when requested.