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Revenue Manager
Department of Finance


Exempt, Pay Grade 19

The Revenue Manager is responsible for planning, organizing, and supervising  the Tax Assessment or the Tax Collection Unit in the Revenue Administration Division of the Finance Department.  Under the direction of the Chief of Revenue Administration, this position functions as one of two assistant managers of the Revenue Administration Division. Together with the Chief, the Revenue Manager is responsible for the overall direction and management of the Unit administration and operations, including leading and supervising the Unit’s personnel and ensure compliance with Virginia Code, Albemarle County Code, and other state and local regulatory agencies’ requirements.    Essential functions include, but are not limited to the following:


• Provides advanced interpretation of, oversight of, and compliance with ACVA and Virginia Taxation laws, rules, regulations, policies, and procedures.
• Ensures protection of highly confidential taxpayer information in accordance with the Virginia “Secrecy Act” and administrative regulations of DMV, Virginia Taxation, VEC, SCC, and VITA.
• Responds to property owner, taxpayer, customer, employee, and management questions and requests for assistance.  Explain complex tax code and regulations in a customer-friendly manner.
• Investigates taxpayer complaints and answers taxpayers’ challenges to assessments or delinquencies.
• Supervises assessments of various local taxes (other than real estate) and preparation of related daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports pertaining to personal property, business property business licensure, fiduciary taxes, as well as other local taxes and fees;
• Manages the collections of all local taxes and miscellaneous payments to the County including the collection of all other payments and various and deposits made to the County, ensuring all collections are accounted properly, balanced, and deposited in timely fashion, and prepare and reconcile related daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual financial and statistical reports;
• Plans, coordinates, communicates, and enforces the collection of all local delinquent taxes, issuance of criminal warrants, and provide oversight of judicial sale of delinquent real estate accounts;
• Prepare and reconcile related daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual financial and statistical reports;
• Performs personnel functions including making recommendations for hiring, transfers, promotions and terminations of support staff;
• Plan work schedules, supervise, counsel, manage, develop, mentor, and evaluate temporary, intern, and permanent support staff within the Division including completing and delivering performance and merit reviews;
• Develops and provides training for Unit as well as division staff;
• Plans and coordinates the timely and accurate preparation and mailing of all personal property, real estate, and other local tax bills utilizing quality control procedures to ensure accuracy and coordinating with vendors as necessary;
• Supervises the administration of the real estate tax relief program; interprets relevant tax codes and applicants’ complex financial information to determine eligibility.
• Supervises the preparation and auditing of personal property and State income tax returns, tax rolls, tax bills and in the issuance of State and County licenses;
• Assist in hearing appeals and requests for relief from assessments (exonerations) as well as assisting individuals and businesses by reviewing and addressing problems and complaints regarding licensing and tax issues;
• Assists in conducting financial and compliance audit examinations to ensure proper application and enforcement of County tax ordinances;
• Coordinates with the County Attorney’s Office on litigation regarding business financial issues;
• Establishes and maintains the implementation of sound internal controls per fiscal policies and procedures, ensuring taxpayer and fiscal records are reconciled monthly and in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, and coordinating with external auditors;
• Oversees all year-end adjustments and closings in preparation of the year-end audit;
• Administers and maintains department contracts, maintains vendor relationships, issues Requests for Proposals and conducts other purchasing responsibilities;
• Prepare and complete for the Division’s Chief a variety of strategic planning, preparation of various reports, project management, and assists the Chief with the completion of special projects as assigned.
• Carries out special projects and assignments, and serves on County-wide action teams as assigned or requested.

QUALIFICATIONS:   Education: Any combination of education and experience equivalent to a Bachelor Degree in business administration, finance, taxation, accounting, economics or closely related field, and four years of progressively responsible experience for performing supervisory work in a technically oriented environment, preferably in a similar local government agency.  Designation as Master Deputy Treasurer or Master Deputy Commissioner of the Revenue preferred.   A master’s degree in Accounting, Business, Finance, Taxation, Public Administration, or related field and/or CPA designation is desirable.

Comprehensive knowledge of and ability to interpret state, and local tax laws; knowledge of administrative policies governing state income and personal property taxes, fiduciary, and licensing activities; advanced knowledge of standard computerized systems include MS Office Suite; familiarity with standard banking procedures regarding deposits, endorsements and wire transfers; knowledge of all aspects of a Commissioner of the Revenue and Treasurer’s Office functions including knowledge of Virginia tax laws and  pertaining to assessments, collections, and tax administration in general; knowledge of basic accounting and budgeting principles; exceptional customer service skills;  ability analyze and address issues pertaining to individuals and businesses licensing and tax issues; ability to analyze complex data and think strategically; ability to promote teamwork and set objectives for organization-wide priorities; ability to establish effective working relationships with officials, co-workers, senior management, and the general public; ability to analyze financial data and prepare financial information for presentation; ability to communicate well with others, both orally and in writing, using both technical and non-technical language; ability to prepare and present accurate and reliable reports containing findings and recommendations; ability to perform a wide variety of duties and responsibilities with accuracy and speed under the pressure of time-sensitive deadlines.

PHYSICAL CONDITIONS AND NATURE OF WORK CONTACTS:  Conducts work in a sitting position; however, job requires frequent movement around the building and office as well as stooping and light lifting. Regular contact is made with all organizational levels and communication may not be easy due to: (a) uncooperativeness; (b) sensitive information; and (c) the need to persuade or influence certain individuals or groups. Good communication skills and excellent interpersonal skills are necessary to manage the tax accounting staff, report to upper management, and work with project stakeholders in multiple phases of project planning.


SALARY:  Hiring Range: $59,073 – $70,888 annual equivalent based on experience and education
Internal candidates will receive pay adjustments in accordance with County Policy, §P-60.